February 2015


Simple Salmon cakes

500g fresh, skinless salmon
2 egg whites
1 spring onion/shallot
1 lemon - zest only
salt & pepper


throw all ingredients into a food processor and blitz unitl everything is chopped and combined

shape into burger patties around the size of your palm and grill, steam or pan fry.

Turn your salmon cakes when you see them change colour aroud the edges and come away from the pan easily - being careful not to overcook them. squeeze the juice from your zested lemon over the cooked salmon cakes.

absolutely feel free to jazz up this basic recipe with your favourite flavours!

- try using fish sauce, lime, chili and ginger instead of the spring onion, salt & pepper and lemon

- baby capers and different herbs like tarragon, chives or parsley or a little dijon mustard can all add zing to your salmon cakes