Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, No nuts, Low carb, high fat, protein rich, intermittent fasting, heart tick, sugar free, refined sugar free, fructose free, ketogenic, bulletproof, Dairy intolerant, whole grain, grain free, Cheat day, treat day, gym day, date day, ladies lunch, clean eating, juice cleansing.... hangover?

With so much conflicting advice out there it's hard to know where to turn, who to believe and ultimately what to eat and why.

It is our belief that the label is not so important as the result. We advocate making an informed choice about what you put into your body based on how it makes you feel.

If bread makes you bloated, sugar spikes your energy then leads to a crash, dairy upsets your stomach but good fats make you happy, quality protein satiates your appetite and eliminating refined sugar evens out your mojo then carry on living the dream.

If you just need to hop into a hamburger and chips we got you covered in the best way we know how: 200g grass fed ground beef, hand pressed with our mushroom mix, pumpkin relish, zucchini pickles, lettuce a choice of GF, bun-less, turkish or sweet brioche. The chips are sweet potato and cooked in coconut oil, the aioli made from organic cashew cream.... I just read that a handful of cashews is a natural anti depressant equivalent to a dose of prozac(!) what did traditional mayonnaise made with GMO vegetable oil ever do for anyone?

Whatever you like to call it, whatever part of the journey you're on, we call it Food with a Conscience because every ingredient is there for a reason and should you choose to consume it your body will thank you.